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100 Situation Prompts Table

001.Finger 002.Bad 003.Intelligence 004.Announce 005.Day
006.Murder 007.Sad 008.Plan 009.Ill 010.Secret
011.Behind 012.Want 013.Stranded 014.Wealthy 015.Marriage
016.Affected 017.Long Hours 018.Worthy 019.Sinful 020.Obvious
021.Caught 022.Splatter 023.Flight 024.Slip 025.Escape
026.Honor 027.Ashamed 028.Attentive 029.Motivated 030.Grovel
031.Swear 032.Shoot 033.Switch 034.Promise 035.Crawl
036.Hell 037.Grin 038.Hug 039.Burn 040.Kiss
041.Mute 042.Suffocate 043.Punch 044.Exile 045.Plead
046.Strong 047.Defenseless 048.Discover 049.Action 050.Sport
051.Memorable 052.Die 053.Missing 054.Luck 055.Rescue
056.Abort 057.Possessed 058.Graveyard 059.Trail 060.Walk
061.Plunge 062.Jump 063.Self-conscious 064.Suspicious 065.Mistake
066.Complicated 067.Black Out 068.Reveal 069.Grotesque 070.Swim
071.Resign 072.Nonsense 073.Declare 074.Corrupt 075.Wrong
076.Right 077.Administer 078.Embrace 079.Argue 080.Lose
081.Monster 082.Hit 083.Build 084.Destroy 085.Breathe
086.Assist 087.Stab 088.Bite 089.Hunger 090.Passage
091.Drama 092.Haunted 093.Crisis 094.Dirty 095.Emotional
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.


I promised Penbee that I was going to stay up with her and Youko tonight, so when Mom was having bad chest pains I said I'd go to the store for her she said I could get myself an energy drink while I was at it.  I have to admit, they are my guilty pleasure, I don't get them as often as I used to because they can cause really bad chest pains.

So, I am sitting before my computer on my freshly made bed watching Hell's Kitchen, chatting with Youko and waiting for Penbee, Zorame, and Asuma to come online :3  And really wound up.. something tells me I won't be sleeping tonight but that was the intended goal so HEY!  8D 

I think I may prod Youko tonight and ask her to work on Zerstören with me.  I feel kinda bad for the name now, she always thinks she's misspelling it...  Which is understandable, German isn't the easiest language to spell with after all.

Hell's Kitchen is on, which is awesome because Gordon Ramsay is also one of my guilty pleasures.  :3 But he's also my mother's so it's all good!  We'll chat about it tomorrow once she's up because chances are I'm not going to sleep much tonight and I'll cat nap for most of tomorrow.

Hee hee, I was messing with my keyboard yesterday and had it set to German, now I have trouble using it in English XD

Anyway <3's to all and luffs!
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So... a rather uneventful day as of yet, considering I spend most of it asleep.  I chatted with Asuma and Gene a bit this morning until my overtired brain decided it needed another three or four hours of rest. The downfall of this? I missed supper and Zorame prodded me and I missed it.  Sorry Z!!! <3333

The kitties got their claws clipped today, just the front ones, we don't do the back and we don't believe in declawing so they get the tips snipped off with a special pair of clippers, it doesn't hurt them, just prevents them from destroying the carpeting and furniture.  They've already destroyed part of my box spring on my bed >.<  There's an entire corner gone due to tiny kitty claws.  Plus now Trouble can't claw me anymore! :} 

*Sigh* I got the parental rant again 'You don't spend any time with us. Why are you always downstairs?' Because there's nothing to do upstairs. If I go up all the computers are occupied and if I change the channel a four year old screams at me.  I'd rather sit on my computer, surf the net, watch tv, and chat with my friends then put up with that.

Youko and I were talking yesterday about Zerstören, we're going to rewrite part of it.  As she said, it is a little awkward but it's also really fun.  It's only awkward with that fact that since I was the one that started it and I was just over a page in when I asked if she would write it with me so I had an idea of where I wanted it to go but forgot to share these thoughts with her so it took a completely different and rather unexpected turn.  It is very fun to write with her though, her Neji is absolutely perfect while my Shukaku still needs some work.  Oh well, practice makes perfect :}  I think what may be a better idea then going back and deleting a bunch of it would be to maybe open a new Word and start off where the it switches from Kotetsu's POV to Neji's(OMG SPOILERS! D8> lol not really :P)

Now I do have a role model for Shukaku though! :}  It was... several days ago, I started to rewatch some of the Hellraiser movies(from three on actually....) and as I sat watching Pinhead be his usual jackass self I realized that I have Shu WAY too soft...  So yes, I need to work on him and Pinhead is gonna be his role model now :3

Hopefully later I'll catch Youko, Penbee, Zorame, and Asuma :3  In the meantime I'm going to go and glare at Word and demand my muses begin working again. <3333
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I'm so sorry

I'm going to start off with a HUGE apology to the people on my f-list that I haven't been commenting to in the past while.  I promise to get off my lazy ass and start doing that!

I suppose it's time to give an update since I haven't done that in... well.. at least four or five months...  I fail at life, I'm sorry! >.< <3333333

I left Rob, got tired of his idiocy, so I am once again single and happy to be as such! :3 

A super massive apology to Starrdust411 and wikkidgothbade, I know I've been gone for a while and I'm really sorry! <.> I'm gonna catch up on your journals like.. as soon as I finish typing this out! 

For the past couple months I've been administrating a small Naruto forum with Ana, it's turned out very well so far and I've met some people whom I love dearly and enjoy talking with.  Penbee, Youko, Zorame, Asuma, I love you all to bits and I'm so happy I've gotten to meet and talk with you guys! You are the highlight of my day when you come online, you really are :3

My writing muses are starting to work again, I've been working on a few crack!pieces for Naruto and slowly kicking my Sleepy Hollow muses into working properly for me.  Ichabods starting to cooperate so with any luck by the time Youko and I finish up Zerstören I'll be revamping and finishing chapter 5 of Hearts and Minds which is long overdue!

As of now I have quite a few pieces on the go:
Stand(Shu/Neji crack, incomplete WIP)
Bring the Night on(Shu/Neji crack, complete, being revamped)
Downfall(Shu/Neji crack, incomplete and probably not going to be finished.)
Zerstoren(Shu/Neji crack, incomplete, WIP with Youko)
Gai+Kits(As of yet unstarted, working out plot, for Gene)
NejiGaaSasu(Incomplete, going to be revamped, for Leif)
Kitten(Snape/Voldemort crack, incomplete, on hold)
Hearts and Minds(Ichabod/Horseman, Incomplete, on hold)
The Devil May Care(Richard/Till/Christoph, incomplete, on hold)
The Little Things(GaaLee, incomplete, on hold)

Yeah.. I've been busy -__- and that's not including the random plots my mind throws at me in the middle of the night... I think I'm going to try and finish up some of those first before I start anything else...

So.. Luffs to all! <333 and I shall be more active now, promise! <333
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A Message from a CSR

Customers of Fido who call into Customer Service frequently make comments that Fido is ripping them off, whether it be with the system access fee, or a high bill for things they claim they didn’t do. What they don’t know though, is that this is a two-way street. Fido is not only ripping off it’s customers but also it’s employees.

I am a Fido Customer Service Representative, or CSR, I and everyone else in the call center that I work at are scheduled for nine hour shifts a day, out of those nine hours we are only paid for eight. We have two fifteen minute breaks that we are not paid for, and one half an hour lunches, in which they expect us to go get out lunch, get it ready, and eat it, and then be back on the phones.

When are are paid we are usually cut a bit, some of us calculate how much we’re supposed to have on our cheque for the work we put in, even if it is only eight hours that we get paid for, and usually we’ll see that we’ve been cut $50 off out gross pay. I know $50 isn’t a whole lot, but when some people have bills and medical expenses, that $50 could be very useful.

We endure a month and a half of training, one month in the class room and two weeks on the phones, in which time we’re supposed to have a senior agent with us at all times, that only happened for half a day and we had two days with our fellow trainee’s. So for seven and a half days we took calls on our own and scurried to floor support on every call, making the calls longer than they needed to be by at least five minutes.

When we are trained we have two tests and two evaluations, the pass is 80%. Everyone in my training class passed. Then we were trained for a new program that Fido has begun to use, it’s called ICM. The old one was called Vision21. It has been discovered that ICM is a Rogers program, that their agents use for their accounts and we later found out the ICM is not compatible with the program that our phone is, it’s called StarPhone if anyone is curious, so it frequently crashes. I haven’t spoken to one person yet who hasn’t had ICM crash in the middle of a call, forcing them to transfer the customer to another representative, or have them call back later. We have experienced several center wide crashes due to the incompatibility of this program with our systems. Back to the issue now, when we were trained for ICM the class was two days. Two days to relearn everything that we had needed a month to learn to begin with. Several people did not pass the test for ICM, when you fail you’re supposed to retake the test, and if that doesn’t work, they’re supposed to retrain you. No one retook the test and no one was retrained.

There are several trainers who spend the majority of training yelling at the trainee’s. Human Resources is frequently not at the center. We have no paid sick days. If we take a day off because of illness then we are asked to ‘make up’ the time. The majority of the supervisors do not know what they’re doing and either cannot answer the questions that CSR’s bring them or give the wrong advice. Supervisors are usually not taking calls which is all the more frustrating when a CSR has an irate customer demanding to speak to a supervisor and they have to explain that they’re not taking calls.

As a CSR we do our best to help a customer when they call, what the customers frequently forget is that we are not the company. Prior to their call we had no idea they even existed. It’s incredibly hard to try and be compassionate with someone who is yelling at you because they have an issue with their bill, it’s even more frustrating when people begin to demand credits on their bill. A CSR is allowed to give up to $50 in credits per call, if they so desire, they do not, under any circumstances have to give them away. If a customer is treating a CSR as though they are lower than scum and then demands a credit it can almost be guaranteed that they will not receive it. Adjustments are done to bills when they are needed, but other that the majority of CSR’s will not give someone a credit.

Many CSR’s have medical issues; whether it be with pain, migraines, one I know could quite possibly have MS. The stress of our jobs do not help these problems and infact usually make them considerably worse. I know several people will read this and say "You knew what you were getting into when you took the job." And that is true to a point, when we didn’t know when we took the job was that not only do we have stress from customers who are rude and irate but that we would also be getting it from the company as well. A person should not have to fight with their work place for a month to get paid. A person should not have to quit their job because they got jumped and their pay cheque taken and Human Resources decides that they don’t need to put a Stop Payment on the cheque that was taken.

I’m not saying that CSR’s need to be treated like gold, far from it, if someone has a legitimate complaint then by all means, call Customer Service, any CSR will be more than happy to help you out to the best of their ability, what I’m saying is instead of yelling at them like it’s their fault and they personally wronged you remember that there is a living person on the other end of that phone, they have not done anything to wrong you, they’re just doing their job.

I am a Fido Customer Service Representative, I have taken some bad calls, I have taken some good calls, I have taken calls that have left me in a fit of tears at the end, I have taken some calls that have me in the brightest mood I could ever possibly be in. I have taken crap from the company and the customers; I am a human being with feelings, needs, and wants. I have the capability to love, to cry, to hate, to laugh, and everything in between.



Hi everyone!  I know it's been a while since I posted, I just want to wish everyone on my F-List a Merry Christmas since I haven't been able to get online much.
Overall it's been a pretty good Christmas, I got a ring from my fiancee, the engagement ring actually, lol.  The picture is below for those who wanted to see it.
Not much has gone on since my last update, I've moved back in with my parents with my fiancee and we've been here for almost two months now. 
I hope everyone's doing well!

Ring =DRing =D

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Argh! lol

Well, things have been a little rough here lately, with both me and fiancee out of work so we're on Welfare at the moment, we just got on it and we're hoping to be off soon. We've had a few offers from his father and my parents to help out but we're confused on what to do.

LOL, we had McDonald's today 'cause we were downtown and hungry and McDonald's is cheap. They have those stupid Monopoly things that no one ever wins and we've had them kicking around the room for a while, not that it's really done any good. Until today. We went to eat and got New York Av. and St. Jame's Place. We looked at the gameboard and realized two things:
The set is worth $5000 and we had the last piece sitting in the room. So we bounced our way home all happy, started looking for it.

Then we realized something else. We threw it out when we rearranged the room because we figured we wouldn't need it. LOL. It blows but at the same time it's kinda funny.

Something similar happened before too. We have Park Place and told a friend. Then he told us he had Boardwalk in his wallet. That was stolen a week before. Those two are worth $1 000 000, we could have split it for $500 000 each! LOL. Man do we have bad luck with this! LOL!

Oh well, what can you do, huh? LOL. Hope all are good! ^^
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Uh.. opps?

Well... it's been almost a year since I actually updated this thing.. and almost as long since I talked to half of my friends on here, I'm sorry =(

Not a whole lot has actually happened, I dated one guy, left him. Started to see another, left him. And now I'm seeing someone else and I'm now engaged ^.^ He's a sweet guy.

Uh... I'm still working on my writing, it's just going very slow and trying very hard not to die in my brain, lol.

So anyway... Take a look at this =P Answer it in my comments and then post it in your own journal as well =P

1)Can you cook?

2)What was your dream growing up?

3)What talent do you wish you had?

4)If I bought you a drink what would it be?

5)Favorite vegetable?

6)What was the last book you read?

7)What zodiac sign are you ?

8)Any Tattoos and/or Piercings?

9)Worst Habit?

10)If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride?

11)What is your favorite sport?

12)Negative or Optimistic attitude?

13)What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me?

14)Worst thing to ever happen to you?

15)Tell me one weird fact about you

16)Do you have any pets?

17)What if I showed up at your house unexpectedly?

18)What was your first impression of me?

19)Do you think clowns are cute or scary?

20)If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be???

21)Would you be my crime partner or my conscience?

22)What color eyes do you have?

23)Ever been arrested?

24)Bottle or Draft?

25)If you won $10,000 dollars today, what would you do with it?

26)Would you date me?

27)Where's your favorite place to hang out?

28)Do you believe in ghosts?

29)Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

30)Do you swear a lot?

31)Biggest pet peeve?

32)In one word, how would you describe yourself?

33)Do you believe/appreciate romance?

34)If you could spend 12 hours with me and ask/do anything you like, what would it be?

35) Do you believe in God?

36)Will you repost this so I can fill it out and do the same? (You don't have to unless you want to!)
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